3. 2. 1. Running with the World.

3 nationalities. 2 people. 1 goal. Our thoughts on the latest in international affairs.

About Us

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Ahmed Eissa

  • College: University of Maryland, Baltimore County
    • Political Science, Global Studies
  • Current whereabouts: UMBC
  • Interests: US-Middle East relations, human rights, strategic studies, Track II Diplomacy
  • Languages: Arabic
  • Free time: Watching HBO, Powerlifting







Jayson Wang

  • College: University of California, Berkeley
    • Economics
  • Current whereabouts: Washington, D.C.
  • Interests: International economics, finance, & trade, development economics, UN & multilateral organizations, US foreign policy in the Middle East & Asia, national security policy
  • Languages: Chinese, Persian
  • Free time: Watching HBO, not Powerlifting


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